About Us

Firstly I would like to Welcome and Thank You for visiting us here at Toni’s Pet Station.

I have been in the business of pets for numerous years. A love for animals and a strong passion for their care is what drives me at work every day.
My background as a veterinary nurse for 9 years, guarantees that your beloved pet is in the most capable and loving hands. I spent 2 years in a surgery at Woodford and another 7 years here on Bribie Island in another veterinary clinic. Whilst I wanted some time out and a break from my role as a vet nurse, I also knew that I wanted to stay within the industry as I would not be able to just ‘turn off’ my love for animals.

The decision to go into business was a very easy one for me, and I realised that there was a growing need for Pet Supplies and Services. So in April 2004 the first, Toni’s Mobile Hydrobath and Grooming trailer was launched. I then started servicing the areas of Bribie Island, Ningi, Morayfield, Caboolture and surrounds.

This venture would prove to be such a success, that Toni’s Mobile Hydrobath and Grooming would need to expand. In September 2012, a second trailer was commissioned and I would start training a new staff member. After a few months of supervised on the job training, the newest member of her team and a brand new trailer would be on the road. You were not able to miss the bright yellow trailers with my business name “Toni’s Mobile Hydrobath and Grooming” predominantly located on the side of each trailer. These trailers would be the signature, and people would associate the bright trailers with my passion, integrity and bubbly personality.

In early February of 2013, just months after the second trailer was running at full capacity on the roads, The original trailer was struck by another vehicle on the road and written off accordingly. Whilst this provided a slight set back to the business plans, I didn’t give up. The second trailer would still be on the road, whilst working tirelessly behind the scenes figuring out where to go from here.

On the 9th November 2013, Toni’s Pet Supplies and Services was officially opened. Located in Ballara on the beautiful Bribie Island. From here on in, I would work from the shop front. Providing the same level of service and attention that my clients were accustomed to, just from a more secure and safe premises. The shop would then give me the ability to be able to provide my clientele with more than just grooming and hydrobath services, I was able to order pet supplies and have them available in store. Something the mobile grooming and hydrobath trailers were unable to provide. With my knowledge of reputable brands and products gained from my vet nursing days, I was able to stock quality products at affordable prices, with knowledgeable and honest advice. Clients were now able to visit, have their pets groomed, washed and pampered, while having available to them the products that I personally trust and endorse.

This brings us to the Now.

In the back of my mind – Toni’s Pet Supplies and Services at Ballara was always going to be a temporary premises. Being a family owned and operated business for all these years, I also knew how important I was to my very own expanding family. In 2015, I decided that Toni’ Pet Supplies and Services would be renamed, relocated and reopened at her home. Toni’s Pet Station was born. I am very excited about the new premises and confident that all of my clients will be equally as excited. Not only will the new premises be fresh and vibrant, but the same level of personal care and dedication will be carried forward. The new premises located at Ningi will stock the reputable products and brands that you will remember from the previous premises making them more affordable and cost effective, whilst allowing me more time to spend with her much loved family.

Toni’s Pet Station promises to be everything that you have become accustomed to and know, with the added bonus of being centrally located for all clients. Being located at home now, I have been able to again expand the product range, but also incorporate an online store.

I would like to personally thank all of my current clients for their continued support over the years, and would like to invite you to come and visit soon.

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